Aged Care & Hospitals

Prestige Modular Coolrooms are built to last. These aren’t containers that have been turned into coolrooms – they’re purpose-built storage solutions, painstakingly designed from the checker-plate floor up.

Transport & Logistics

Keeping goods fresh and safe for extended periods is essential for the transport and logistics industry. We’re proud we help our clients maintain the quality of perishable items in our modular coolrooms without any concerns, so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

Retail & Wholesale

Our modular coolrooms play a vital role in maintaining freshness and quality of goods for many stores and chains in the area, ensuring the products meet customers’ high expectations, remaining healthy and fresh all while looking beautiful on the shelves.


Modular coolrooms find utility in government operations by supporting the storage of emergency supplies and essential resources. They are proven to be useful for crisis management and public welfare, keeping the essentials intact while allowing the employees to remain focused on the pressing matters without having to worry about the quality of the supplies.

Growers & Producers

The growers and producers industry requires special care for extended periods of time and our coolrooms help keep the produce fresh throughout the supply chain to meet the evergrowing market demands and changing regulations.

Special Services

Having reliable refrigerated storage is crucial for many special services businesses – whether it’s hand-cut premium ice or keeping an entire university running like clockwork, our coolrooms are proven to make it easier to focus on important aspects of their business for all of our clients, even those requiring highly customizable coolroom setups.

Breweries & Wineries

Keeping the beverages at right temperatures and full of flavour is priority number #1 for the Brewery & Winery industry. Businesses like these require optimal temperatures and conditions for fermenting and aging, where our spacious coolrooms come in handy.

Catering & Events

Maintaining first-class customer service in the hospitality, catering and event industry is crucial and even a small misstep can cause significant damage. Our coolrooms help facilitate efficient preparation and serving of meals and drinks during events and hotel stays, so that the visitors can enjoy exceptional service without putting unnecessary strain on the employees providing it.

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Patent Approved (USA, Australia and New Zealand)

ABN 75 160 064 175 | ACN 160 064 175

Patent Approved (USA, Australia and New Zealand)

ABN 75 160 064 175 | ACN 160 064 175