Modular Coolroom / Freezer Storage Made Simple

These are the first truly modular commercial coolrooms and freezers. Here’s how they work. You can either rent a single unit (with a floor area of 17m²) or combine multiple units to create open, free-flowing storage. Every unit is big enough to comfortably hold eight pallets plus a centre walkway. That’s 35% more space than a refrigerated shipping container.

Need more room? We remove the side panels and add more units. Busy season winding down? Our flexible leases allow you to scale back your storage to suit. Simple.

These are the "first and only" truly modular commercial coolrooms and freezers

Unlike refrigerated shipping containers, our coolrooms and freezers were built for bulk storage. Each unit comfortably holds up to eight pallets. They’re 35% larger than standard shipping containers and you can combine multiple coolrooms to create open, free-flowing storage. It’s a more efficient solution.

Size Matters

Each Prestige coolroom has a floor area of 17m2 (5.85 m x 2.85 m). That’s 35% more space than a refrigerated shipping container.

Built for Pallets

Get ready to double your palletized space. Our coolrooms and freezers can fit eight pallets (two rows of four) plus a center walkway.


Our coolrooms run on single-phase power, so there’s no need to upgrade your supply. Just note: our freezer units do require 3-phase 20amp power.

Easy to Use

T-floors are noisy. Our solutions incorporate durable checker-plate flooring to enhance stability and minimize noise, particularly with trolley jacks.

Cool Features

Modular coolrooms and freezers allow for unlimited configurations.

Each coolroom is 35% larger than a standard shipping container.

There’s room for eight pallets in each unit, plus a centre walkway.

Enjoy handy features like LED lighting and an integrated alarm system.

Sturdy checker-plate flooring makes using trolley jacks much easier.

Our coolrooms are tough but light. Each one weighs just 1.92 tonnes.


The Nuts and Bolts

Prestige Modular Coolrooms are built to last. These aren’t containers that have been turned into coolrooms – they’re purpose-built storage solutions, painstakingly designed from the checker-plate floor up.

Epitome of Efficiency

While being up to 30% quieter than outdated refrigeration containers, our modular coolrooms and freezers operate at an impressively low 1.8kW (Chiller) and 2.3kW (Freezer) per hour, translating to an average daily operating cost of just $12.22* and $17.66* instead of an average $29.20* for a refrigerated shipping container.

Dollars quoted are in AUD/Australian Dollars

The Door

Our coolroom doors are big, wide and solid. We built them with easy pallet storage in mind. Each one is 1.3m wide and 2.0m high.

  • Lockable to easy open door handle
  • Internal emergency release button
  • Audible and visible panic alarm
  • Insulated for cooling efficiency
  • Easy pallet movement
  • Open and close with one hand

The Door

The Floor

Many mobile coolroom providers neglect their floor – but not us. Our coolrooms are finished in 3mm checker-plate aluminium.

  • 3mm checker-plate aluminium
  • Non-slip surface
  • Perfectly flat and level
  • Smooth trolley jack movement
  • Easy to clean
  • No noisy T floors

The Machinery

The coolroom engine house. Our coolrooms are powered by 240-volt Single-Phase units, with handy digital temperature control.

  • 15amp 240-volt single phase machine
  • Digital temperature display
  • Top air delivery
  • Tamper proof controller
  • 30% quieter than traditional containers
  • Lower operating costs
  • Stable, powerful cooling
  • World’s best practice airflow integrity

The Machinery

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Patent Approved (USA, Australia and New Zealand)

ABN 75 160 064 175 | ACN 160 064 175

Patent Approved (USA, Australia and New Zealand)

ABN 75 160 064 175 | ACN 160 064 175